Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mumbai – Blackpill

It's definitely time to review one of my favourite curry houses in Swansea - Mumbai, in Blackpill!

Tucked away behind what can only be described as a small forest, Mumbai is a curry house that can't purely rely on foot-traffic. However, booking is advisable as the restaurant always seems to draw a crowd.

Set adjacent to a residential area on Mill Lane, just off Swansea's busy Mumbles Road, the restaurant is in an odd, but peaceful location.

You'll find a cosy interior with a relaxed, contemporary feel. Atmospheric lighting courtesy of massive doughnut lampshades, big leather booths and calming Indian music piped throughout the restaurant creates one very stylish establishment.

Originally an interior wall used to act as a massive screen, onto which Bollywood films were projected. This unique feature has not been functioning the last few times I've visited – a shame if it's permanently out of use, as it set a lovely atmosphere to eat in.

As you can expect with any curry house, the menu is varied and plentiful. Many pages boast the usual Kormas, Saags, Biryanis and Pathias, along with more traditional dishes and some unique to the Mumbai.

I had the Handi Prawn and a tamarind rice (with peanut and chili), with chicken samosas. All the food was hot, filling, good quality and flavourful. The samosas particularly impressed as they were well stuffed – it literally exploded when bit into, and looked freshly made rather than mass produced. The calibre of prawns in the Handi was also very good – slightly bigger than other curry houses I find.

The chutney tray, if you start your meal with one, is also fantastic. Very different to others I've tried, with the usual pungent lime pickle replaced with more of a sweet lime relish, along with a spicy red coconut dish, mint sauce, julienne onions and mango chutney.

Pictured below is a selection of the feast we ate (no, it wasn't all mine!)

All in all the food is the reason people return to the Mumbai.

A negative aspect, one that tends to crop up whenever I discuss this restaurant, is the service. It can be a little temperamental at times. Generally the waiters are attentive, and quite witty and humorous. However, occasionally service has been a little rushed, sometimes abrupt... even aggressive when taking your order. If you've not decided what you want when they come to take your order, you may well be greeted with an irritated huff and a stern shake of the head.

I guess we can put it down to a series of 'off days', as at other times it is fine. Not enough to put me off returning anyway.

As we left the restaurant to wander back up towards Mumbles Road, my two fellow diners were very vocal in saying that the Mumbai is the best curry house in Swansea. Though I don't agree with it being 'the best', I'm happy to put it in my top five.

A nice atmosphere, great food and decent value for money, but service consistency can use a bit of work.

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  1. Another thing to note, is the amount of Garlic used in the ingredients.

    You will stink for 24 hours, especially when you wake up.

    Nice food though.