Monday, 21 January 2013

Pub on the Pond - Singleton Park

The Pub on the Pond is a well-established Swansea pub/restaurant, sitting in a perfect location at the bottom of Singleton Park and has long been on my 'to review' list. It's a pub, it's on a pond - what's not to like? Well... just a few things.

This is the side of the pub that's not on the pond!

During Swansea University term time, the pub can almost be overrun with students looking to pick up a post- (or pre-) study pint. Then, during the occasionally warm summer months, it can be overrun with families with children who have more energy than sense. It's certainly a family pub, with Singleton Park play area, a crazy-golf zone and a boating lake all seconds away.

This can be great (if you have a family) or annoying (if you are a grumpy ale drinker like myself). The queuing system at the bar creates a backlog that occasionally reaches the door. There are plenty of things that should put me off the Pub on the Pond, yet I always return. Why? That'll be the food!

The pond the pub is on.

It's a Fayre and Square pub chain and, with a nod to the name, it offers square burgers. Despite the novelty, the burgers are superb - well cooked and full of flavour. The kind you pick up and don't put down again. I will always opt for a burger when I eat at the pub and suggest you do too. I would also suggest the lattice fries (99p replacement for 'normal' chips) - if cooked fresh they are smashing.

Remove flag before eating.

They offer plenty of other gastronomic delights and, unlike some slightly pretentious places like The Woodman, they give a hefty portion and don't charge over the odds.

I was also surprised with the waiting time on my most recent visit. Literally five minutes from ordering, the food was on the table. Almost suspiciously quick, despite the pub being quite empty. However the quality quelled all suspicions. Hot and clearly fresh.

One of my dining partners severely indulged in a chocolate desert - a kind of mega chocolate pizza with ice-cream. Way too much for one person! Greedy diners be warned.

Definitely meant to be shared.

One disappointment with the Pub on the Pond is the lack of a good ale selection. The only one on tap that evening was Black Sheep - a decent beer but shouldn't have been my only choice. 

Service at the pub is generally friendly and quick, though this particular night one thing spoiled things for us. The music was abruptly switched off at around 10:15pm - a clear 'get the hell out, we want to go home' sign from bar staff... a little harsh, and a poor end to the evening.

Traditional decor - nice atmosphere, but nothing special

So, while it may not be a pub to linger in, for the food alone it's well worth trying out.


  1. I was just thinking, I don't know about you but I'd have preferred it if one of the staff just came up to us and said 'hey, to be honest, it's dead in here now so we'll be closing early' - just seems a bit more honest that way.

    After all, I wonder if they'd have served us if we'd ordered another round? Given that it was 45 mins before the advertised closing time, this really would have been poor service! A shame because like you say, the food had been great and the service friendly.

    1. I agree! It seems to happen quite a bit actually - I guess the fact the food is well priced for what you get means it's a pub we shall return to though!