Monday, 30 December 2013

The Front Room - Mumbles Road

While the weather remains cold, cloudy, drizzly, misty and generally pretty miserable, there couldn't be a better time to find a cosy little cafe to sit and while away the hours with warming food until the spring kicks in (unfortunately even that doesn't guarantee good weather for Swansea).

In the depths of winter, I took a little trip to the Mumbles to find somewhere new to review and stumbled upon The Front Room - a quaint little cafe on Mumbles Road, just opposite the children's playground.

It's smack bang in the middle of what you could call the Mumbles cafe stretch, meaning the cafe has plenty of competition. However it seemed to be packed and, while it's not hard to pack out a cafe when there are only five or six tables, it still seemed very popular.

As the name may suggest, the cafe is going for a relaxed, homely feel, much like the front room of a cosy little house. Soothing pastel colours and country-life stylings dominate the room, with mismatched furniture further adding to the illusion that you may be in your great-aunty's living room!


The food menu is pretty much as you'd expect from most cafes - breakfasts and brunches, light snacks and lunches (that rhymes, I know). In addition to paninis and breakfasts, the cafe serves things like rarebits, french toast and bagels, as well as the usually array of hot drinks.

It was on the cusp of midday when I visited and I decided that warranted a brunch. I went for "The Front Room Big Brekkie", which included bacon, sausages, a free-range egg (scrambled or fried), beans, tomato and mushroom, with toast. My dining partner went for the rarebit.

The Big Brekkie (toast not pictured!)

Despite being busy at the time of ordering, the food didn't take too long to arrive. The breakfast was freshly made and tasty - good quality food usually makes for a good quality meal and I liked the fact that some of the items were locally sourced. The sausages in particular - from the Gower - were very good. And, while I didn't taste any of it myself, I was assured that the rarebit was also very good (although it comes a close second place to the rarebit in The Chattery I was told). Both meals were reasonably priced - the breakfast was £6.50 (including a coffee/tea) and the rarebit was probably slightly cheaper.

The nice rarebit

The service was nice enough, with just enough staff to keep things ticking over. I'll admit things did seem a little rushed when we first arrived, but that had something to do with a small space and a lot of people eating. I've worked in cafes before and if anyone can sympathise with flustered staff it's me!

If you're in Mumbles and fed up of the rain, The Front Room is definitely worth popping into for a warm up and some lovely warming food!


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Happy New Year!

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