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My favourite places to eat in Swansea (Part Two)

Last week I gave you Part One of my favourite places to eat in Swansea - summing up the Indians, pubs and American restaurants I enjoy visiting the most.

And, as promised, this week I bring you Part Two! Buon appetito!


Let's kick off with cafes! Whether you're wandering the town centre or a suburb of Swansea, you are only a few steps away from a great cafe.

Though many independent cafes are worthy of note, I will highlight The Chattery in the Uplands, which always serves great food in a homely atmosphere. Definitely try the rarebit if you're heading there (go for a 'Chris Carra Special', which is a fried mushroom rarebit with a sausage on the side!).

Another favourite of mine - essentially next door to The Chattery - is the Uplands Diner. I've not yet reviewed it, but it's one I often visit for breakfast and occasionally lunch. It's popular with builders, families and students alike, mainly because it's good food at a decent price. There's a massive menu, including The Mega Beast (basically a ridiculous fry-up for the greediest of people). However I'd advise choosing the Builder's Load for a more conservative breakfast, which really fills the hole.

Elsewhere, in Swansea's city centre, I really like Gershwin's - a cafe with top-notch service. If it gets too busy it can become difficult to manoeuvre due to the size, but that's worth putting up with because of the food. The menu offers a good selection of breakfasts, comfort food and weekly specials - well worth checking out.

Finally we come to my favourite cafe of them all - and one of the oldest in Swansea - The Kardomah. This little gem shows that you don't need to be trendy to succeed. As I said in my full review (which was actually the first Swansea On A Plate review ever!), pensioners flock to The Kardomah in droves, and if one group of people know good, home-cooked food for a decent price it's pensioners! I highly recommend the cheeseburger.

Eastern Food

Do I class Cosmo as eastern? I guess I have to as 80% of the food served there is Cantonese, however they have disappointed recently with the choice (mainly the bizarre inclusion of cocktail sausages as a buffet item... how uninspiring!). Still, for the sheer volume of food, live cooking stations and the novelty of eating underground, Cosmo should be on the list of 'must tries'.

A place I've been to several times but not yet reviewed is Vietnam in the Uplands. It's been there since I can remember and the decor has not changed once - it's completely locked in the early 80's! However the service is nice and the food is brilliant and a change from your standard Chinese. If you can get over the look of the place Vietnam may surprise you.

And across the road is one of my favourites - Wasabi. The restaurant - which serves Japanese food, and specialises in sushi - is a real treat. They serve an array of raw-fish delicacies (most I am too squeamish to try!), noodle dishes and some splendid fried dumplings. While the layout isn't the most relaxing (you will essentially be sat on the same table as other parties), Wasabi makes a good alternative from the all-you-can eat eastern buffets.

Fine dining

Finally we get to fine dining - an important category when it comes to eating out. As we often choose fine dining for special occasions the service, food and atmosphere have to be bang on otherwise you might as well celebrate in McDonalds!

I've only been once or twice but I can recommend Morgan's for it's gastronomic delights. Although it relies on the room being pretty full for a good atmosphere (I can imagine you would rattle around the grand hall if you are alone), the food is pretty much perfect, cooked by chefs who know what they are doing. It's not the cheapest meal out by any stretch, but what you get justifies the price. Plus you can stay the night if you eat too much!

Next I have enjoyed a few evening meals in The Gower Kitchen, which is always packed. It's a less intense dining experience to Morgan's - perfect for a spontaneous evening out. Again, as all restaurants in this category, you are parting with a sizable chuck of cash for a full meal, but the food is worth splashing the cash for.

Another worth mentioning in this section is The Dragon Brasserie - the restaurant belonging to the Dragon Hotel. Though the ale selection is always disappointing, the meals are certainly worth looking forward to. The food is aesthetically impressive and definitely matched in taste. Again,the chefs are very adept at what they do, which is the main reason I recommend it.


There we have it! I may create another of these blog posts in the near future, but for now you've had a good taste of where I love to eat in Swansea.

What about you? Where do you enjoy a trip to in Swansea. Let me know via the comment box below, or on our new Facebook page. See you soon!

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