Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Smoke Haus: Revisited

Back in November 2012 when I first published my full review of the then brand new Swansea restaurant The Smoke Haus, I didn't expect it to be as well received as it was. In fact, with over 12,000 pageviews, that review is by far the most read on this site.

So I decided it was time to pay The Smoke Haus another visit.

Since first eating there I have only been one other time - that was a few months later, for lunch, where I was actually pretty disappointed. I had a hotdog which was lukewarm and a little burned, along with a basket of soggy chips. I felt I'd paid well over the odds for a mediocre lunch.

But that was over a year ago now and I decided they deserved to see me again (lucky them!). I made my way back for another lunchtime visit to see if they could rekindle my love for the Man vs. Food inspired fare.

The restaurant was empty when myself and dining partner walked in, so we were seated at the window table next to the bar, with a good view of the basketball on TV and the Wall of Flame (photos of those mental enough to have completed the hot wing challenge).

The Wall of Flame in the distance

I was very happy to see that the restaurant had introduced a lunchtime special in addition to their regular menu. The offer is two meals for £12 and, while the selection is limited, there were enough choices to satisfy me - hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches and chillis.

The friendly waitress took my order of a New York hotdog and the cheesy fries (an additional £1). While I enjoyed the complementary basket of salty popcorn, I was a little tense anticipating my meal - sometimes lunchtime offers tend to skimp on the quantity based on the price being lower. However, when it arrived...

Hello hotdog!

Yes... well, it was massive. They certainly didn't skimp on the hot or the dog. I made my way through the beast, punctuated with regular dips into the bowl of cheesy fries. The sausage was a good quality frankfurter on a bed of sauerkraut and covered with warm salsa and American mustard. A taste sensation!

My dining partner made his way through the Nacho Burger - a burger topped with nachos, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. He accompanied his burger with a portion of the sweet potato fries, which were an extra £1.50 on top of the regular price - this is fair enough.

The Nacho Burger

Both meals were served with a pot of 'slaw, which was creamy and a nice addition. Apart from spilling salsa on my fleece and mustard on my jeans, it was a very satisfying lunch. I ate it all apart from a chunk of bread and a few fries - food won on this occasion!

With a glass of Pepsi, my bill came to just under £9 which is brilliant for the quality and quantity. Mind you, you'll need to dine with someone else to make use of the £12 lunchtime deal (or order two meals...).

Long live America - long live The Smoke Haus!

I left with my faith restored in the restaurant which promises so much. I can see why my initial review was so popular and why so many people head to The Smoke Haus for a novelty, but quality feast!


  1. It was a really good lunch (that's my own, shorter review).

    I'm pleased you mentioned the friendly waitress, she was good - and I find friendly staff can make a lot of difference to the atmosphere of the place. I quite enjoyed the basketball on TV, too.

    1. You know - by commenting - you have revealed yourself as the dining partner? Get ready for fame. Then again, you are only one of many dining partners, so there is still some element of mystery for readers.

      Yes the waitress was very good - she seemed genuinely friendly, which was nice.