Sunday, 26 January 2014

Verdi's - Mumbles Road

With the weather being as bad as it has been this winter, there's no better place to while away the long hours of a Sunday morning than in one of Mumbles' many cafes. And one of the best known cafes on the sea front is Verdi's, just off Mumbles Road.

That's a terrible picture of it, I apologise!

It had been about five years since my previous visit and it's safe to say not much had changed in the cafe. There's a lazy conservatory feel as you are surrounded by glass. Although it may seem like it could be a cold environment with all the glass and tiled floors, it's actually pretty cosy - especially when looking out at the icy sea smashing against the Mumbles front!

The cafe offers a variety of Italian food - including pasta, pizza, focaccia and a good selection of home-made ice creams. So, with all this choice, I did my usual trick of ordering something, then regretting it straight away...

I went for the mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto toasted sandwich. This was ordered with caution because any time I seem to order a sandwich of this nature, it turns up soaked in grease. And, unfortunately, in Verdi's this was no different.

Naturally sun-dried tomatoes are oily, as is pesto, but the sheer amount of oil seeping from the bread made it unpleasant to eat. I'm not sure if there is a way cafes can avoid the grease, but this is the last time I ever order a sandwich with that filling!

So. Greasy.

So we know I was disappointed with my sandwich. However my dining partner enjoyed her baguette which was filled with prawns and rocket (with the marie rose sauce on the side). Glancing around at other people's tables I could see plenty of good looking food. But I live with my mistake and will have to return and try something else next time.

I did enjoy my drinks however! Verdi's is the only place in Swansea I know that does an Amarena Soda. This simple drink features a dollop of Morello cherries in syrup topped up with cold soda water - it's sweet, tasty and refreshing. I also enjoyed a nice strong cappuccino after the meal.

Amerena Soda - a must-try drink.

The wonderful location and sweeping views means food and drink doesn't come cheap, but I guess £2.30ish for a cappuccino is about right these days. The sandwich (*shudder*) was around £6 and the Amarena Soda was £2.50ish. Not a bargain, but it's expected for Mumbles.

The service was nice enough - it's a cafe at the end of the day, so you don't have a designated waiter, even though the setting feels like you should. The speed the food and drink came out was great too - very fast. However you don't get the rushed feeling like in other places - Verdi's is a cafe people visit to enjoy a relaxing few hours, and lingering almost seems encouraged.

Can't beat the views

Overall I feel I would need to return to Verdi's soon to try another item off the menu. While the greasy sandwich was disappointing it wasn't enough to ruin my experience of a nice Swansea cafe, which has plenty to offer in all seasons.

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