Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Day in Swansea!

My guess is most of the men reading this haven't booked a secret trip for themselves and their partners to Venice for a romantic night in a five-star hotel and a slap-up meal on a gondola?

No, instead you'll probably be rushing to book into one of Swansea's many restaurants instead.

But before you go ahead and reserve that table at McDonalds Cwmbwrla, take a moment to read through my list of the more romantic restaurants in Swansea you may want to consider this Valentine's Day.

Firstly, before you try to book for Friday night, realise that most places are probably already full. Instead, aim for Thursday or Saturday night - even Sunday - as an alternative. Some places jack their prices up for the 'big event' so you may avoid these by dining on a different night anyway.

The Gower Kitchen
This little Uplands restaurant oozes the romantic coziness that couples love, making it a great venue to head to for Valentine's Day. As well as a brilliant atmosphere, the food is "home-cooked" and, though pricey, worth the money. Check out my full review for more details.

The Woodman
Another on my 'cosy list' is The Woodman. This place may not know if it's a restaurant or a pub, but the food is great, the mood is rustic (in a good way!) and the staff are friendly. There's also a Dean Martin tribute act on Friday night to get you in the mood! And there's free parking. And a decent ale selection. How romantic! (Here's my full review).

Bizzie Lizzies
This subterranean family-run bistro is, again, very cosy (you can see the pattern emerging can't you?). I've not reviewed it for Swansea On A Plate yet, but have been many times in the past and have always enjoyed the food, which is locally sourced and well cooked.

Topo Gigio
Italian food is the food of love! If you can't get to Rome this weekend (and my guess is you can't...) Topo Gigio on St Helen's Road is the next best thing. Authentic Italian food in an intimate atmosphere makes this a great one to check out for a romantic evening. (Full disclosure: Even though it's not one I've reviewed on this site, I've visited many times before because my uncle owns it and my dad makes the bread!)

Patti Raj
There are many Indian restaurants in Swansea and curry is certainly something you can both agree on after a few drinks! While most will do the job, I'd recommend the Patti Raj for a Valentine's Day meal as the varied menu always pleases and the setting and decor is slightly nicer than others in the area - just what you need for a special occasion. (My full review of the Patti Raj is here).

Naturally there are many other restaurants you may want to check out - Wind Street will have plenty of them fishing for your attention with special Valentine's Day offers, but the location (i.e. a street full of piss-heads) may not be the most romantic setting. Choose wisely and have a nice night!

And if you stumble across a restaurant you think I should review, let me know via the contact page or on our new Facebook page! Buon Appitito! 

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