Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mumtaz - Mumbles Road

Maybe I should rename this blog 'Curry on a Plate' to reflect the amount of curry houses I've reviewed? I do love curry.

But, attempting to introduce some variation on the theme, I decided to move away from the 'curry quarter' that is St Helen's Road and ventured towards Mumbles, where I enjoyed a cosy evening out in Mumtaz.

Firstly, you can't miss it. Sticking out like a curry-stained thumb, Mumtaz is a massive cream building on Mumbles Road, right on the sea front with great views of the sweeping bay (providing you can grab a window seat)

On such a busy road there's no street parking, but if you are arriving by car there is a convenient car park directly opposite or just behind (you have to pay and display for both though unfortunately). Or just get a taxi.

Inside there's a relaxed feel about the place. It's light, bright and aesthetically pleasing, with plush seating (possibly the most comfortable seating in a curry house ever) and a good dose of luxury. I noticed a grand piano and am aware that there is often a live pianist playing, although they weren't around the evening I visited.

The menu is pretty much what you can expect from most curry houses. There are other Indian restaurants in Swansea that offer more variation and maybe a little more adventure, but Mumtaz still provides several pages full of choice. I do applaud their 'Health Conscious' section on the menu, which includes salads and more vegetable-oriented dishes for those watching their weight.

Alas I have given up my dreams of a six-pack so I went for a Prawn Balti with a mushroom rice and a tandoori roti. As a table we also ordered the traditional 'poppadoms and chutneys' to nibble on while we awaited our main course.

I'm glad we did go for the appetiser because, unfortunately, we were waiting ages for the main course. I know it was a Saturday night, but I've rarely had such a wait before for a curry. I assume the takeaway orders were pouring in and swamping the kitchen, but regardless the slow arrival of our food was a little disappointing. I also noticed a few similar complaints from other tables, so this is something worth noting.

I crammed it all on the plate to get the photo!

My meal when it eventually turned up was very enjoyable. The Balti itself was tasty, not too oily and freshly cooked. I do regret ordering the roti - I found it a little dry, and was envious as everyone else tucked into their buttery naan breads. You live and learn I guess!

One custom I enjoy in Indian restaurants is the post-meal hot wipes and I was thrilled to find real flannels in Mumtaz (instead of the pre-packaged wet-wipes). So thrilled, in fact, I took a photo. The small things...

There's nothing quite like an actual flannel!

After such a good flannelling it seemed everyone on my table was keen for desert. I rarely opt for something sweet after my meal, but fancied one this time so chose a 'mint bombe' of sorts, which was nice and refreshing (almost as refreshing as the flannel).

A rare desert for me, but satisfying.

In all I will definitely be heading back to Mumtaz in the near future. While I've enjoyed better food and quicker service in other Indian restaurants, the atmosphere and attentive staff were brilliant and made for a very enjoyable evening in the heart of Mumbles.

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