Saturday, 23 August 2014

Swansea Beer Festival 2014 - Brangywn Hall

With a slight hangover after heading to the annual Swansea Bay Beer and Cider Festival at the Brangywn Hall last night, I've decided to share a few of my bleary thoughts before I go and find something to eat, preferably with piles of melted cheese.

For those unfamiliar with the festival - you pay £10 for entry (which includes a branded glass, programme and £5 worth of starter tokens), then can choose from well over 100 different beers and ciders which are available from bars that line the grand hall.

I had earmarked a few beers that I wanted to try, but I decided to pick a random one to start the night and ended up with a glass of Indian Summer from Cheshire-based brewers Tatton. Not a bad start - quite tasty with a dry finish, but nothing spectacular.

With a big interest in American craft ales I decided to focus my attention on that style of beer for most of the night. The Deliverance APA from Llantrisant brewers Hop Craft was my next choice and it was amazing! Very flavourful and hoppy, and I instantly knew it would take some beating.

Next was a glass of Infinity from Blue Monkey (Brecon) - a lovely, fruity-tasting pale ale, again brewed with American hops for a flavour which was very 'different' (or so I noted in my programme). Then came a good Swansea classic in the Oystermouth Stout from the Mumbles Brewery, brewed with real oysters! There's no fishy taste thankfully and any hint of the sea is very subtle.

Myself and some friends enjoying the atmosphere (and the beer, of course)

By this stage I was getting quite merry and loud, but - as far as the little ticks I scrawled on my programme indicate - I tried Nelson's Eye (a very drinkable ale from Denbighshire brewery Heavy Industry), Frisco (a Californian style craft ale from Welsh beer brewing giants Brains), some Independence (another US style craft ale, this time from the Bristol Beer Factory) and finished with La Tene (from Celt Experience, Caerphilly). This last one was the weakest in strength (3.3%) but didn't skimp on the flavour.

No wonder I have a bit of a hangover today...

Overall, the beer festival was another success. It seems to be growing in popularity every year! I was so enthused (and pissed) that I finally became a member of CAMRA and had a free copy of their Good Beer Guide as my welcome gift. Roll on 2015!

My beer guide, application form, programme and glass.

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