Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Dunvant - Dunvant Road

I've been meaning to write about The Dunvant, located on Dunvant Road (that's in Dunvant if you've not already guessed) for quite some time.

It's part of the Hungry Horse family of pub/restaurants, and while I've not been into the pub side of it, I have tried the restaurant a few times and I've always been impressed.

The restaurant is very family-orientated and good for groups with little children. Now, perhaps that's odd coming from me - an individual who would rather eat outside in the car than endure someone else's child screaming and running around.

However on this occasion I was there for my nephew's third birthday, so this time it was our table with the hyped up toddler sprinting around, always seconds away from nutting himself unconscious on a table, so I was more tolerant of noise this time. 

Firstly I want to commend The Dunvant on their ale selection. Okay, it's by no means the first place on my list when I'm after a good pint of real ale, but on my most recent visit I was happy to find a good choice of beers. On tap perhaps there wasn't too much to get excited about (in the restaurant part anyway - I didn't venture round the other side), but they did have a couple of nice bottled craft beers, including Brooklyn Lager and Brew Dog's Punk IPA.

Before I saw those two in the fridge I had already ordered a Green King IPA. I was happy to see it served in a proper glass tankard - I rarely enjoy a beer from a mug in Britain, so it was quite the novelty.

Right - the food. The choice on the menu is huge. So big, I had to postpone the waitress twice when she came to take my order. It's a pub menu, so you can expect the standard options - fish and chips, gammon, mixed grill, salads - along with a few more creative items.

Now, I've been eating a lot less meat recently, but decided to break my semi-vegetarianism and have a burger. Not just any burger, but a Mac n' Cheese Burger, whose bun comprises a deep-fried patty of breaded macaroni and cheese.

Unfortunately I was a tad disappointed with the burger. It wasn't the size, which - like all Hungry Horse portions - was very generous; or the chips, which were freshly cooked and fluffy.

It's just the meat itself was a little rubbery. Not terrible, as I still managed to get through half of it, but it wouldn't be one I'd rush to order again. Besides, I don't think my heart could handle another two of those mac n' cheese patties!

I also shared a bucket of chicken wings to start - the hot sauce wings were very tasty.

Finally, full and overall pleased with my experience, I will say that the staff in The Dunvant are some of the nicest around at the moment. From the barman to the waitress, all were polite, efficient and seemed genuinely keen to help.

It's a family pub at the end of the day, so providing you can handle occasionally loud children, you'll be rewarded with pleasant service, decent food and good value for money.

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