Monday, 25 May 2015

Gower Good Food Festival - Gower Heritage Centre

If you read my original review of the Mill Tea Rooms back in December 2013, you'll know I enjoy the Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill, Gower.

A Bank Holiday. But where's the rain?

One of the reasons I make time to visit to the centre is their calendar of festivals over the year, be it food, drink or music (usually a convenient combination of all three!).

So I decided to pop down to the centre for the Gower Good Food Festival, which ran for two days over the May Bank Holiday weekend, showcasing a plethora of local food and drink producers.

Admission was £5 per adult

The centre provides a great little space for this kind of thing; big enough to fit in around 15 different stalls, but small enough to create a bustling atmosphere, all under cover so it's pretty weather resistant.

Busy little space

I won't go through everything I saw and tasted, but here are some of the highlights.

Chutneys and jams from Mamgu's Kitchen

I started by trying and buying some delicious runner bean chutney from Mamgu's Kitchen, a small Swansea based company which offered many different varieties. Aside from chutneys, the stall holder also ensured me that every one of her jams had alcohol in - sounds like my kind of breakfast condiment.

Some of the pies on show

Next came the stall of Sketty's Dilly's Kitchen, who - among several herb bushes - were showing off a good choice of handmade pies. Traditional fillings sat alongside more inventive tastes such as a chicken and chorizo pie, and an aloo gobi veggie offering, which was packed with Indian flavour. Very good, I bought one to take home for later.

Good enough to drink!

I enjoyed the chutneys from Little Black Hen, but was most intrigued by the Carmarthenshire company's fruit vinegars, especially when I found out they could be mixed into a drink. Always on the lookout for something new and odd, I tasted some of the strawberry and mint vinegar mixed with a little sparking water - fruity, but refined, and very refreshing.

A nervous Nigel contemplating some hot sauce.

Some of the other stalls at the festival were Mumbles Pate, whose rich pates were laced with generous amounts of tequila and vodka, while Halen Gwyr had samples of their Gower Sea Salt in dark chocolate to show off the flavour and versatility. 

Finally, separate from the rest of the stalls, towards the entrance of the centre, was Nervous Nigel's hot sauces, which were - as the name suggests - pretty damn hot, although still focused on flavour instead of just blind heat.

All in all a nice morning out and another successful food festival for the Gower Heritage Centre.

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