Whilst many people rarely use a cook book, preferring nowadays to go to the internet in search of a culinary delight, or even cook recipes from magazines, there is still a hunger for recipes.

Taste Swansea hasn't been diligent in satisfying that desire and here I aim to change that, hopefully for the better. Some of the recipes I have previously published elsewhere, in other of my blogs, and the source for the recipes varies from friends, chef friends, cooks in restaurants, my own creations and tweeks to some of my favourite dishes, much of which I have sampled over the years. 

Just because the magazine and website is called Taste Swansea, please don't expect me to be tied to only Welsh influence or Welsh produce. There are thousands of fabulous ingredients all over the world, and particularly in the Mediterranean where I have spent many years, and I'm passionate about all cuisines. 

Also, health and safety and hygiene issue we find in the UK are not necessarily practised in other countries, such as skewering fish and cooking them over an open fire in an adapted motor boat is the norm, but would give the UK health inspector a heart-attack. The only disclaimer I can add therefore is that 'no-one has died' when trying these dishes, and of course where readers suffer from food intolerances, then caution should be taken at all times.

#01 - Prawns in Garlic
This is one of my favourite dishes. It was first served to me during a lunch party of about 12 guests and it formed part of the appetisers for the meal (there were lots of appetisers!). Imagine a large cookware pot filled with prawns bubbling away in garlic oil as it's brought to the table, served out to each person in terracota dishes (slightly larger than the small tapas size), and eaten with a little crusty bread. Divine. In Spain if you look hard enough some bars will serve this as a tapa. It's very simple, so why not give it a go...

  •     Prawns
  •     Garlic
  •     Olive Oil
  •     Cayenne Pepper
  •     Parsley
Gently fry the prawns in the olive oil, adding the garlic and the cayenne pepper as you go along. Keep the prawns moving in the pan, so as not to burn them - cook for approx 5 minutes or  until the prawns have turned pink as shown. Don’t over cook!

Serve immediately with a garnish of flat leaf parsley.

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